Carbon and global warming

Carbon is released into the atmosphere whenever wood or fossil fuels are burned. Global warming is something that can occur naturally without humans having anything to do with it taking place. However that could take thousands of years to happen. Yet the human race has greatly accelerated the process of global warming since the Industrial Revolution.

The prime cause of the environmental impact by humans has been the emissions of carbon from burning wood, coal, oil, and gasoline. Before the Industrial Revolution the burning of fossil fuels had less of an impact as it was done on a much smaller scale, and because there were more trees. When there were more trees more carbon was absorbed and then turned into oxygen as a result of photosynthesis. Global warming has been quickened by the mass destruction of tropical rainforests going hand in hand with massive increase in carbon emissions in the last two centuries.

The best ways to counter carbon and global warming are to use eco friendly fuels and plant more trees.